Sick Hosta: It looks burned at the edges and has reddish spots, any ideas? (Photo)?

Question by Kitty: Sick Hosta: It looks burned at the edges and has reddish spots, any ideas? (Photo)?

My hosta has recently started to look ill. It is shriveling up, looks burned but yet it has enough water and good soil. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this poor little thing and how to help it? I posted a link to photobucket with a picture of it. Thank you for any and all help/suggestions.

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Answer by Sword Lily
Assuming that you live in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the end of the growing season and Hostas start looking peaked this time of year. They die back during the cold weather and will come back next spring.

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  1. Alzhammers says:

    It’ll last awhile longer.
    Fall is on the way.
    It’s going bye bye until next spring.
    It does so every year.

  2. Nikki P says:

    I can’t get the photo but the hosta’s are pretty much entering the end of their season. (I’m in the mid west)
    If the Hosta is getting a lot of sun the brown spots and the shriveling up may be a reaction to that. The get sunburned just like we do.
    You could move it in a few weeks to another spot if you think it is getting more sun than it needs.
    Some of the brown or red spots may be from slugs feeding on the leaves. Since I can’t see the photo I can’t tell if there are spots or if there are actual holes in the leaves.
    They will die back and come up in the spring so don’t fret.
    I love hosta’s and have come to the conclusion that the deer love them as much as I do and they are almost impossible to kill.

    If your trees are starting to lose leaves the Hosta’s will be getting more sunlight than they have been during the summer and the angle of the sun is now lower so the Hosta’s may be getting more sun.

    OH I got the photo. It is sunburned. Don’t worry about it.

  3. GG says:

    It looks like it is getting too much direct sun. If you don’t want to move it, you could plant something near it that is a bit taller and would block out the midday sun for a few hours from directly hitting the hosta leaves.

  4. SK Wildflower Rescue says:

    It is sunburn. If you are in the Northeast, it was a terribly hot summer and based on the sunlight in this photo it appears that this plant is located in mostly direct light resulting in the leaf burn.

    The plant is healthy and can be divided in fall or early spring to increase your plants. Hostas bloom in Spring, Summer or Fall depending on the variety so you can have hostas blooming pretty much all year.

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