should i cut my eaten hosta leaves?

Question by justsoyouknow: should i cut my eaten hosta leaves?
something ate my hosta leaves terribly!

so i put some snail and slug pellets down this morning.

with the leaves that are eaten and shredded to pieces, should i just cut the eaten leaves?

or should i just leave them.

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Answer by Bin There
I’ve never heard of cutting Hosta leaves. I would be carefull that you dont over do it. They have broad leaves so they can catch more light while in the shade.

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3 Responses to “should i cut my eaten hosta leaves?”

  1. Deplorable says:

    I would chop off damaged leaves. Any small amount of healthy foliage is a better looking plant than lots with an unhealthy appearance.

  2. grateful says:

    might be deer
    hang out a bar of soap
    mine get eaten a lot
    I never cut the chewed leaves

  3. Jeanne the Genius says:

    Don’t remover the partially eaten leaves. Hostas can go dormant if they are disturbed too much. Let the leaves that are left absorb light and send nutrients into the roots for future health.

    One way you can keep slugs, a hosta’s worst enemy, off the plants is to place shallow containers of beer around the plant in the evening. Slugs will meet up for a drink and die in the containers, which you can empty right int the trash can in the mornings. Slugs tend to go after the hostas with the least dense leaves, so you will want to plant hostas with thick, puckered leaves in future if you have a slug problem.

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