Should hosta plants only be in shady gardens?

Question by oysterkids: Should hosta plants only be in shady gardens?
I have a stone-retaining wall in my front yard, and I think hosta would look nice there, with coral bells, and astilbe. Would these look weird in the front, where it’s not exactly shady?

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Answer by Echo017
hostas do need a shady spot to do well….then can tolerat morning sun but cannot be in full sun all day long…

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6 Responses to “Should hosta plants only be in shady gardens?”

  1. donamkuhn says:

    Your hostas wil do fine in some sun, mine are in bright sun, and the only problem is they will flower earlier and wilt sooner.

  2. googie says:

    I was told that hosta grows best in partial shade. We have had fair luck with ours which have morning sun. Inquire at the plant store for their opinion.

  3. Kimberlee says:

    They won’t survive in the sun all day long, they will die off on you. Typically they are a shade plant.

  4. Julia says:

    Hostas need shade but can tolerate morning sun. We used to have a hosta garden but the voles, deer, and slugs destroyed it all. As an alternative, we have switched to Hellebores, also known as the Lenten rose. Not in the rose family at all though. These are evergreen plants that are drought tolerant, deer resistant, and pest free plants. They also need shade, but can take early morning sun in the summer. The great thing about them is they bloom from Dec – March !

    Hope that helps. Good luck!

  5. ralf says:

    Hostas will absolutely do fine in the sun. Absolutely ! You need to stick with the type that are yellowish color or the variegated types. This does pertain to climates of zone 6 and lower. Starting at zone 7 even the lighter colored hostas begin to burn.The darker color or blueish types will not do well in the sun. Only you can tell if they will look weird, but they will do fine there. Below are some links to hostas that will do well in sun. The first link is “Francee”

  6. pupgranny says:

    Sum and Substance will take some direct sun but most Hostas thrive in the shade, and need LOTS of snail and slug killers around them.

    You might do better with something like Wegelia in the sun. That attracts hummingbirds too…. add some Butterfly bush, and you’ll have a lovely garden wall.

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