Seniors: What garden pest do you have to contend with?

Question by Daisymae: Seniors: What garden pest do you have to contend with?
I think I have a mole hole near my Hosta. I think it killed the roots with its digging. Should I leave it be or kill it?
Oh dear! guess I better get the trappers that can get rid of the critter(s). The poor rabbits have to go to. Thanks everyone for your advice.

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Answer by Islands
all the little brats that regularly trespass through my property – I consider the biggest pest!

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18 Responses to “Seniors: What garden pest do you have to contend with?”

  1. meerkat~the original... says:

    We have moles, too, thought this year they aren’t as bad as in the past. We set traps but they don’t do any good. Years ago we had a cat that used to dig down and catch them.

  2. KathyC says:

    Fire ants have been a problem..but what we have right now in the back yard are fleas.seriously..dogs quarentined in garage and front bad an exterminator is coming. there is no water source..its been hot, dry and you stand in the back for five min its like a stephen king movie! we used sevin, they ate it and mocked us!

  3. Katie M says:

    I am dealing with moles too. Last spring I planted a lovely garden. I was thrilled to see that it survived one of the harshest winters in 15 years. I paid a neighbor kid to water it while I was on vacation. Then in a few short days, moles destroyed my garden. I don’t have a clue how to take care of the problem either:(

  4. laidback says:

    my cat made quick work of the moles, but he won’t chase off those pesky lawn gnomes

  5. Valerie A says:

    Put pepper down the hole. SOmetimes the dollar stores sell spices and you can get black or red pepper cheap. Make several holes with a pencil or similar long pointed object and put pepper down there too. It should discourage the moles. You will not have to kill it, it will go away. You can do this throughout your garden, ten dollars will buy a LOT of pepper. Or go to a garden center and ask them what they recommend if you dont like to kill critters. I know I do not. Good luck.

  6. Poppy says:

    Moles and fire ants. I once flushed out a mole with a water hose. The dog tried to grab it but I got it first wearing thick gloves and put it in a large jar. I carried it to a wooded area and let it go. Now I have mole trails all over the back yard Poppy.

  7. puppy love peanuts says:

    Gray squirrels that think my peaches were planted for them. They are not native, they were brought from England(?) I would not mind sharing some, but they take them out of the tree into the lawn, take one or two bites, and leave the rest for earwigs and ants. They also get great amusement out of teasing the dogs and will drop things on them, such as black walnuts or sticks.

    If you have one mole or vole or gopher, soon you will have many more and they do LOTS of damage. If you don’t want to get rid of it, ask the county extension agent for traps or advice

  8. Jerry says:

    I have very small black bugs not much bigger than a pin head. They drill into my melons and set up camp inside. They are the worst.

  9. Frosty says:

    Get rid of it or it will kill all your plants.

    My pest is heat. My backyard is so small it retains heat and today it was 100 degrees today.

  10. Lynn says:

    Yes, it’s time to drop some luring poison down its’ hole. I had those, and I had
    mice and rats also. I figured my back yard was interwoven underground with a
    series of tunnels for each rodunt. My garden vegitables would begin to die after
    they started baring food. The dirt around the roots were suddenly exposed above
    the ground. I had to stop planting vegitables, as it was a losing battle.
    I’ve also had ants that would destroy not only plants outside, but trail inside in
    the summer. They were the most invasive. And they would trail under the carpet-
    ing and come out onto the linoleum in the bathroom and kitchen. All foods had to
    be enclosed in zip lock bags to insulate them more for their smell to ants. I have
    also had cockroaches that invaded where we lived in desert locations. I had to
    put foods in Tupperware to be safe from them.I didn’t do any gardening in those
    locations though. I’ve had my fill of little critters and am finally living rodunt and
    ant free. It was a long time in coming though.

  11. oldman says:

    All the little neighborhood kids lead by my granddaughter, got into a grape fight and stripped all the grapes off my grape vines. When the kids were confronted with it by the mothers, my granddaughter pipes up with “well they’re my Papa’s grapes” like that explained it all, it was fine, and that settled it. I didn’t say a word except to laugh, when my granddaughter and best friend told me about the great fun they’d had. After all, my friends and I used to do the same thing with our parents’ tomatoes.

  12. CLYDE55 says:

    I keep my hostas in pots but decided to try one in the soil.
    It now looks like a piece of lace !
    Back to the pot.

  13. puppysyndrome says:

    Cats that poop in it!

  14. robin says:


  15. keeprockin says:

    Carrot root fly,onion fly and slugs.
    Not to mention nuisance cats that keep appearing

  16. Thomas says:

    The only one I have!,is the wife, nicking the strawberries?…Don’t kill the mole….

  17. ChemoAngel says:

    MOLES…UGH. That is exactly what it is doing to my plants!

  18. hopeof kingdom says:

    My husband was so tired of the mole that kept digging up our lawn that he opened up a mole hill and put in a fast running water hose. Shortly after out came the mole from another hole, we boxed it and took it to pastures new.

    A much smaller pest we have is the bright red lilly beetle on my lillies. It makes the leaves so full of holes that it weakens the plants. I sadly have to drown them in water with washing up liquid in it. They have grubs that grow in a dark sludge under the leaves, they have to go too.

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