Scale on Perennials in a shade garden?

Question by Diana S: Scale on Perennials in a shade garden?
Almost Oct in St. Louis, MO. I went out and found scale all over the plants in one shade garden. Hosta, astilbe, liriope and Jap painted Fern. This is not a lite investation. There are 1000’s. From back of leaves to the stems where they go into the ground. The scale is also all over the vinyl siding of the house. I can’t understand this. Can scale be brought in on shredded bark mulch in the spring? I’ve just never had scale on yard plants before, just house plants. My first thought was to cut everything to the ground, take out all the mulch and treat the soil. Burn all the plant debris. I’ve already scraped them off my siding. Please tell me what to do. What do I spray with etc.. I welcome any ideas. These scale are brown, the size of a pencil point approx.. What are the chances of the scale coming back next year?

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Answer by redletter2
Here is a page from the web site of the U. of MIssouri extension: . Scroll down past aphids to the section on scale. You can control it by introducing ladybugs, by changing the conditions in your yard, and by using certain pesticides. Also, if you have a lot of ants you need to control those as well.

You can also call the Missouri Master Gardener hotline ( at 862-9284, Ext 18,
Mondays-Fridays 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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  1. jammer says:

    You may have to cut off the badly affected parts of the plant and then apply White Oil. Spray all over the plants in the cooler part of the day. It could be Mealy Bug and not Scale.

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