Replanting worth it or not?

Question by squeak_50: Replanting worth it or not?
I have acquired a large number of pots that were recently (~3 weeks ago) planted with everything ranging from petunias to hostas. Alot are dying. They were just planted in topsoil. I have been giving them miracle grow weekly, but does not seem to help. Should I unpot, and mix in some manure or garden soil and then replant. I do not have beds for them yet, so for now they have to go back in pots. Is it worth the stress of repotting them to give them better soil? Yes, all the pots have drain holes and have been getting watered daily, and get some sun, but not all day.

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Answer by Kathy A
manure will only BURN the plants…maybe you have been watering too much…not enough sun or puting too much Miracle Grow on them…
Hostas are shade loving plants…
Petunias like full sun…(and heat…)

What do you think?

4 Responses to “Replanting worth it or not?”

  1. trancin_gal says:

    They need to be out of direct sun for awhile after you repot with a mixture of at least half potting soil with the top soil. They need more areation – perlite. Do it sooner than later.

  2. wheeza7geeza says:

    It probably is not worth it. Not knowing all the varities, makes it hard to comment. But petunias and any other flowers, not worth the bother.The Hosta is a tropical plant,and should be planted in half plain potting mix(no fertiliser),and half light river sand.They should never bre planted just in topsoil. Dirt from garden beds contains all manner of viruses and tiny nematodes, or grubs.The Hosta is a sulker. It may recover, but will sulk for ages.The other wrong thing is you don’t water daily. Your killing them with kindness. Only water when top of pot is dry.And remember size of plant. Water in the summer twice weekly, or when dry, and in winter, once or twice a fortnight.Then again Hosta likes sun, but some may not.Also do not fertilise until they need it. Plants recovering are more likely to die from over-feeding and over-watering. Good Luck!

  3. Portabella Princess says:

    Top soil has nothing in it at all. You need to have manure, compost from mushroom soil if possible. Vermiculite would also be great to have in it. 3 parts of each. Peet, vermiculite, and compost. It is worth repotting, it isn’t a hassle in the least, I actually enjoy it. Once the plants recover, and they will under the ground first. The roots will take off, then you will see new growth on top. The smile it will bring to your face, enjoy, and watch it grow.

  4. K M says:

    You don’t say where you live. Hostas need shade and cooler temperatures(don’t do well in phoenix) Petunias also are not good for heat tolerant. They do need sun but not full sun someplace like phoenix.

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