Rabbits or some varmint chewing leaves off my Hosta plants….?

Question by greatlakesdude: Rabbits or some varmint chewing leaves off my Hosta plants….?
suggestions to discourage this behavior? My Hostas need help, please!

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Answer by Warren Bennett
take them inside

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  1. vista master says:

    well my family places egg shells around our garden to keep rabbits away. they dont like the protien in the shells and so far its worked for us. just continue putting your used egg shells around and they should work. first wash them out tho

  2. kiendu says:

    I’ve used the eggshells for slugs, as they crawl around under the plants. Rabbits don’t crawl under there, since they just want to eat the leaves, so I don’t know how that works. But, I had a huge rabbit problem with many of my plants. I bought every kind of spray I could get my hands on, at a great cost. And it worked for awhile, til it rained. The only thing that worked for me was blood meal. I’d read about it’s use on a hosta forum. Blood meal can be purchased at any garden center, it’s a high nitrogen fertilizer and is actually made from animal blood. Don’t put it around the crown, it can burn the plant. Sprinkle it around the perimeter of your plants, or the “drip line”. It doesn’t dissolve, only had to apply a couple of times. Get it out there right away in the spring, and then again about a month later. It repels squirrels and deer & probably any varmits. I guess it works because they’re offended by it being dried animal blood, scares them off. And you get the added benefit of the nitrogen fertilizer. I used about one teaspoon per square foot of ground I was covering. I bought a box for about $8 and it lasted me for the summer, and I have over 600 hosta in my yard. You can mix it with water and spray it, but don’t hit the leaves, just the ground. I think it works better as an animal deterrant as the dry meal, I’m sure the liquid version is better as a fertilizer. Good Luck! Gotta love those Hosta!

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