Planting Hostas around a Pine Tree?

Question by AuntieKJ: Planting Hostas around a Pine Tree?
I have a 20 – 40 yr old pine tree in my front lawn and I would like to plant a Hosta bed around the base of it. I know I can harm the tree if I make a raised bed or apply too much fresh dirt as it may smother the roots. But can i just lightly turn the soil in the shape of the bed i would like to make, lay down black weed cloth, fresh dirt and then plant the Hostas with bark mulch on top? will this method cause any harm to the plant. I live in a California 9-10 hot valley zone with hard soil. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Answer by Betsy
I personally don’t believe you would harm the tree by planting hosta’s around them. Hosta’s are really cool. The roots of a pine tree goes straight down to water. They could go down as far as the tree is tall in some cases.. So you shouldn’t hurt that tree at all. A raised bed with the mulch should all be fine. If you really think you need to protect the tree you could get some rocks or that black edging and go around the tree about a foot or so away from the base then start your flower bed. I believe you will have a very pretty tree base using the Hosta’s..

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  1. Dragon says:

    I’d check around the tree first thoroughly before you dig a bed. Many pines are shallow rooted and when you dig you find a mass of small roots which make it very hard to grow anything. Also check the acidity of the soil (pines usually make the soil around them acid. Do Hostas like neutral soil. The ground around the pine may also be too dry, Hostas like a moist soil. Weed mat is now on the outer. It doesn’t allow enough water through, this may have a detrimental affect on the tree, and has no effect really as you want to place soil over it.

    I would check for roots, check soil ph, and if ok bring in the topsoil (don’t bring up around the trunk or make to deep) Check with the local nursery, regarding whether you can grow hostas at all. I live in a hot dry climate and even in shade they won’t grow for me at all. Not cool enough. Hope it works for you they are beautiful plants.

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