OK Please help all you gardeners……?

Question by hamil: OK Please help all you gardeners……?
I posted question earlier toda, about plants, one reply told me that maybe they were hosta……This is large leafed thick stem with bloom only on tip of stalk. The leafs tend to be a filler I would think, for they get big (kind of like elephant ears, somewhat) The plants spread pretty quickly and mine range from 2.5ft to about 6ft. at this time. I looked on some websites they kind of look like canna…..I am unsure need to know if I can move them, they are bordering my a/c unit I am afraid they are going to cause it trouble. But I also like that Plant……Please help
how deep do plant them????and how far apart?….

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Answer by chubby
yes you can move them now they will probaly go into shock just trim it back and give lots of water if it is a canna dont worry about killing it they are very hardy unless you get very cold winters which in case you need to dig the bulb up in the winter and store it in a dry place

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  1. twoaroos says:

    They sure sound like Cannas. Moving and transplantation depends on where you live. In warmer zones you can transplant safely either very early in growth or after it blooms, pretty much year round. In the north, Cannas need to be taken out of the ground every winter ( similar to gladiola )

  2. georgetableau says:

    I agree, sounds like canna. They grow from a rhizome which means any zone 6 or less they need to be dug up for the winter because they are a tropical plant. I would wait until they are completely done blooming and the foliage has died back to move them unless of course you have to move them now

  3. plantmd says:

    It sounds like canna. Hosta do get large leaves, but they don’t grow tall like corn (or canna) and they have many flowers (usually purple or white), whereas cannas have a couple at the tip of the stalk (flower color ranges from red to orange).

    It is completely safe to move cannas. Keep in mind that cannas have tuberous roots, like a potato, so be careful not to cut them when you dig them out of the ground. They should be ok after you transplant them. Just water them in.

    (They shouldn’t cause any trouble with your a/c unit, but if there are a lot, you could thin them out to ease your mind!)

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