New birdbath?

Question by tauras94: New birdbath?
I have a new birdbath and I’m wondering what to plant around it. It is in full sun. Hubby wants Hosta plants but I think they need shade. I need something fairly low maintenance. Any ideas? BTW I live in North Georgia.

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Answer by tinkerbelle
Try some kind of begonia.

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  1. gravityworks2 says:

    You are correct, hosta’s thrive more in shade then in full sun. With your birdbath in full sun you are open to loads of plants to fill the gaps, you need to decide on final height of the plant surrounding it.

    I’m not sure what your zone is so I can only give you suggestions so here it goes…
    low plants – marigolds, nasturtiums, medium plants – iris or blue flags, any type of lily, such as stargazer, tall-ish plants – sunflowers, bee balm, lupins. I trust this gives you a few more ideas.

  2. oil field trash says:

    Stella del Oro day lilies are a good choice. They are short and rebloom during the summer.

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