My hosta plant has a problem?

Question by K: My hosta plant has a problem?
This is its second year. The flower stalk started to grow about three inches then the bud just shrivelled up. Will it grow another stalk?

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Answer by texter
Not again this year. Did the ground get too dry during our recent hot spell? Snails or slugs chewing it up? Each year a plant sends out hormones to reproduce. That is the nature of the beast. If it succeeds it sets seeds and rests for another year. If it sends out flowers and something halts it from setting seeds it generally rests for another year. Some plants will rebloom if they are dead headed. Most wont. I’m sorry I just don’t have all the information I need to go any further than this. If your plant survives to next year it will re-bloom on a new stalk.

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  1. Akmed Raheeb says:


  2. douglas says:

    i not going to let you sit there and listen to a lot trash check th elinks below your hostas are al right they just need to grow a little more hope this helps

  3. Lena says:

    Hostas are really hard to kill. I think mine have done that before but they are still living. Just treat them as you normally would

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