Is my fragrant bouquet hosta dead?

Question by M2B10: Is my fragrant bouquet hosta dead?
So, spring is here…the weather has been relatively warm with very few below zero evenings. All of my perennials have begun to come alive for another year. However, my two fragrant bouquet hosta’s appear to be dead. All there is to them is a small brown stick…thats it. Are they dead? If so, what could have happen? Is there any way to save them…I just planted them last summer and when I did they were very small.

Many thanks 🙂

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Answer by Wheat
My hostas just came out of the ground yesterday. At my mom’s house they have been out of the ground for 2 weeks. I thought mine were dead, but they just popped up to my suprise. Be patient and keep the weed eater away from the areas. Sure they’ll come up soon.

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