Is Hosta deer resistant?

Question by Magster: Is Hosta deer resistant?
We have deer at our house on a daily basis. We just moved to this house in October so I haven’t had time to plant very much…but I’m getting ready to start!!! We have lots of woods surrounding our house with dappled sun so hosta should be perfect in places! Thank you for your answers!

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Answer by realst1
If by deer resistant you mean deer LOVE to eat them, yes.

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  1. Dagobrat says:

    Deer often eat Hosta, I’m afraid. A good alternate for ‘woodsy’ areas that won’t lose the ‘feel’ of that delicious dappled lighting is ‘Sweet Woodruff’. The bonus of this plant is its delightful scent.

    For a complete listing and bried article on the subject, check here:

  2. Boris859 says:

    deer love Hosta,it is one of the plants that will actualy attract them.,they always eat my dads .

  3. taco says:

    We too have deer daily at our house. They eat everything ! Even if they don’t like it they seem to want a taste test! A six foot fence finally saved our yard. Good Luck!

  4. ohiorganic says:

    Hostas are a deer magnet

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