I’m trying to identify a flower/plant…?

Question by Hawks: I’m trying to identify a flower/plant…?
It blooms light purple/lavender on tall stems; 1-3 per plant. It’s leaves look more like foliage, pretty soft green/lime green leaves. Does anyone know the name?
*the leaves are too soft for hosta and too big for salvia.
um katie?, how old are you? You shouldn’t play on your mommy’s computer.

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  1. reynwater says:

    Foliage is the term used for all leaves. There are many other descriptors for leaf shape (ovate, digitate, palmate…) as well as flower shape. Your description is too vague. Thinking you might mean “fern like foliage” similar to this? http://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=A0geuq9N.R1MqhsAECJhxrF_?p=flowers+with+fern+like+leaves&fr=ush-ans

    Post a picture.

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