I’m looking for unusual colors of Hosta.?

Question by soaringeagle54: I’m looking for unusual colors of Hosta.?
I love Hosta and I have a Hosta bed. I’m looking for some of the more unusual colors. I live in zone 6 in the USA. I have seen white Hosta and have heard that there is also red Hosta. Where can I get them? I have seen a few of the white, but no red in some plant catalogues. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Veronica’s Mommy
i have a lot of hostas in my yard and i have never seen red ones.. it might have been coleus that heard of …. try googling coleus and see if you like it.. its kinda like hostas.. but in a few different colors

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  1. TX-Griff says:

    I love hostas… they’re just so easy to raise and take almost no work to look luscious & full and “at home.”

    I’ve also never seen a hosta w/ red leaves, although some breeders have managed to get a red stemmed hosta w/ just the smallest (I’m talking itty-bitty) bit of red on some of the leaves.

    Here’s a web site w/ pics of these red-stemmed hostas and their marketing names (the web site is not in English, but the names are): http://www.hostavalley.com/redhostas00.htm.

    An online retailer w/ a HUUUUUUUGE variety of hostas is Bloomin’ Designs… view their hosta selection at http://www.bloomindesigns.com/category/.hostasizes.1.miniature_and_small_hosta_descriptions_with_picture/.

    Hope this helps,
      TX Griff

  2. jeffd says:

    Here is a site that carries over 100 varieties of hosta’s.

  3. Chicken in Black says:

    “Red October” is a green hosta that blooms on a reddish purple scape, but it’s not a real red.

    For just a weird color mix you might like “Striptease”, it’s got green, yellow and white in it, the white looks like it’s been drizzled across the leaves. I have it and it’s a nice plant, and something different.

  4. meanolmaw says:

    greens, yellows, white and blue….. Hosta foliage exhibits almost every color except red…..the trick is in the patterning…. the variegation or the puckering or the wavy edges of the leaves… that’s the way to get many different ones besides color…. size, too… BlueMouseEars is one of my favorites … so’s Kabitan…. the smaller ones give you something to do in the front of the beds or to mix with other plants in a bed or in pots….. be careful to keep slugs away with an IRON PHOSPHATE bait, cuz one slug can do away with one Mouse Ears!!!…..

    this place has a slew of them!!…


    they list, under FIND on the right side, gobs … according to what your interest is….. and I do mean GOBS!!!….have fun!!

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