I just bought a T Rex Hosta. Can I grow that in a pot?

Question by momof2: I just bought a T Rex Hosta. Can I grow that in a pot?
I have looked at my yard and there is really not a lot of shade. I love big leaf hosta’s. I figured I would place it on the edge of my porch (very shady) in a pot. If I can place it in a pot- how big of one should I get. I know the leaves get very large. What type of pot should I get? Thanks for any help.

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Answer by shorty
I would suggest planting it. My Hostas grow well in sunlight without much shade at all.

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  1. Kayty says:

    They grow very well in pots. Put it in a pot that is 2 inches larger in diameter than the one it is in. Every time it fills the pot, move it up to one 2 inches larger. Any pot will do as long as it has a drainage hole in the bottom.

    Hostas don’t have to have fill shade, just protect them from direct afternoon sun. They die dwn and completely disappear in the winter in colder areas. I live in Oregon where it gets down to the teens in the winter and I leave my hostas out all year. If it gets really cold in your area, move them inside.

  2. Sarah B says:

    Hosta’s are more of a ground cover in need of a shaded space. But you could put it in a pot. Check out some of these sites they have great pots. http://www.newprocontainers.com or http://www.qualitysilksl.com

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