I has a question about hosta seeds?

Question by mrniceguy1456: I has a question about hosta seeds?
I always assumed hosta was a root propagator but I was helping a friend in his yard today and noticed his hosta plants have seeds. He said I can have them
Do I plant them now? Do I let them dry until spring? do I take them out of the pod?

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Answer by pickmefirstplz
you are correct hosta does not have seeds

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  1. Joan H says:

    Some of them do have seed pods. I never tried to propagate them from seeds. I doubt that you can, but if you want to try it, go for it, dry them and plant them in potting soil in the early spring, and sit the pot in a sunny window. Let us know you results next spring.

  2. hostageek says:

    Not all of them produce seeds, but a majority of them do. The seeds need to be dry, so you can put them in a paper bag until the pod opens up. Then you need to put them in a cold location, such as a refrigerator or unheated garage for a period of time before planting them. Hostas do not come true from seed, so they will usually not look like the parent plant. Instead you will usually get a plain green hosta, but there is always the chance of getting something new no one else has.

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