I Am A Newbie At Gardening And I Need Some Help?

Question by Karma Lies: I Am A Newbie At Gardening And I Need Some Help?
I have a client whose yard is pretty much bare except for a few little ground covers here and there. The soil is pretty hard and a little dry. It’s on a slope, which is right in front of a little swamp. This garden is in Lake Oswego Oregon and I was wondering if hosta and plantain lilies would be good to grow in her garden?

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Answer by Daisy
Hosta will grow anywhere, but I thnk plantain lilies need moist soil and some sun. Good luck

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  1. Psyengine says:

    How much of a slope. The ground can be softened using 20 percent sanded compost or plain sand if that’s all you have. Hydrangeas are pretty good for wet conditions and large iris. Periwinkle is a nice flowering ground cover. You’ll need something for soil retention if the slope is steep, stone work or a root hardy ground creeper or simply grass.

  2. llsgakenia says:

    visit http://www.wildflower.org/plants/ and enter in your state and the other conditions of the soil and sunlight and you will get a list of plants that are appropriate.

  3. sonomanona says:

    Hostas are the same thing as plantain lilies. Most varieties prefer at least partial shade, although certain ones will be fine with morning sun. They also mostly prefer a consistently moist soil, although once established, they are fairly hardy. The big factor is sun exposure. If they are not in a fairly shaded area, the combination of direct sun and hard, dry ground will do them in.

    Hostas are also a favorite meal for snails and slugs. There are several iron phosphate-based baits that are non-toxic to pets and wildlife but fatal to slugs and snails.

  4. slats says:

    Hostas and plantain lillies are the same thing. they look great when planted in groups. I use alot of different varieties all together and it’sa good look. They are pretty low maintenance but watch out for slugs.

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