How do I separate a Hostas Plant?

Question by wjsiko: How do I separate a Hostas Plant?

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Answer by cmax.s_butterfly
dig it all up. gently separate the bulbs with your hands. then replant

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  1. wat3757 says:

    I always just dig up the bulb clump, then take a spade, shovel or other edged garden tool and separate the clump into the desired number of pieces. Hostas are very hardy and will come right back with no problem. Hope this helps.

  2. ric6k9 says:

    hostas are tough like weeds. i mow them down and they come back. i say dig them up any way you can and hack at them with anything ,shovel,Axe, pick what ever to separate and plant and water they just keep on growing. like rabbits

  3. Gretchen P says:

    Dig the whole thing out using a pitchfork. When you have the whole plant out, whap the dirt out and then pull the plant apart into more workable sized plants. Replant where you want them and give the rest away to someone who either loves Hostas, or someone you really don’t like very well. They are very invasive.

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