How do I keep rabbits from eating my Hostas?

Question by autumn033171: How do I keep rabbits from eating my Hostas?

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Answer by Megg
douse the leaves in hot sauce. This has worked wonders for me!

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  1. Yomi Minamino says:

    We take our dog brush and toss their fur around the plants and the rabbits seem to hate the smell of dogs.

    Another trick I used before that was taking ash from burning wood or things like that and put that out.

    They do sell things in the store to keep them away but normally it’s made out of rabbit blood or deer blood and you can smell it and it’s just not that nice.

  2. firstmidwife says:

    I make a wonderful “bug spray”–and bunny spray. It works for now….cayenne powder (1/4 c), 5 cloves of garlic smashed (or sometimes I use powder–bout 5t), vegetable oil (1/2 c), and some dishwashing liquid (1/3 c). This goes in my 2 gallon jar. I then pour some into a spray bottle and spray the plant for bugs or whoever does not like my spray–I test the plant first though on a leaf. Most plants do fine if they are not in the super heat or drying out. Oh–I am careful not to get it onto roots!

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