How do I keep bugs away from my Hosta plants?

Question by cbrumale: How do I keep bugs away from my Hosta plants?

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Answer by danielle L
buy some hot pepper spray and spray your plants or make your own , get some dried peppers soak in water, and put the water in a spray bottle ,spray plants, dont get in eyes !also keeps dogs and cats away and other animals.

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  1. Veritas says:

    You can get sevin dust from your local hardware store or garden center and sprinkle that on your hostas every so often. It’s a very old and reliable formula used by gardeners.

    You can also boil hot peppers in water and then take out the peppers and let the water cool down. Put it in a spray bottle and use it on your hostas or any other plant. It will also keep many pesky critters like rabbits away.

  2. REDMEAT says:

    I assume what is eating your Hosta is slugs or snails…..I never always try the least chemical solution first,,,here ya go….

    Get an couple old sour cream or Large yougurt comtainers(empty)…..cut 3-4 holes about an inch or so square in the lid….fill the container 1/2 full of beer….bury the containers so that the lid is about flush with the ground with the holes uncovered.

    The slugs will climb down to “drink” the beer(they LOVE it)…..they will not be able to get back out and thus drown…

    I have used these for years!

  3. ruby says:

    put slug pellets down

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