How can i stop the deer from eating my rose bushes and hosta plants?

Question by pinky: How can i stop the deer from eating my rose bushes and hosta plants?
besides shootin’ em, i wouldnt do that to bambi!
Ok but, i dont think i want the smell of dung in my yard either lol.

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Answer by Cassie P
Moth balls.

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16 Responses to “How can i stop the deer from eating my rose bushes and hosta plants?”

  1. i_am_dirk_the_jerk says:

    put poison on the plants.

  2. jenjon2580 says:

    i heard if you put human hair clippings around, the deer will get scared off.

  3. lil kim says:

    cover them up sounds good to me or bild a fince around them

  4. parshooter says:

    Put cyan pepper on them. Won’t hurt the plants and they won’t eat it.

  5. Pvt. Andrew Malone says:

    yeah what ^he^ said

  6. lovemykalli says:

    Spread some deer repellent around your garden.

  7. TIM M says:

    dried blood. they sell it at the local lawn and garden center

  8. justgenius12 says:

    1. Get a tall fence
    2. Buy deer repellent on the internet
    3. Install a flood light that turns on when it senses motion

  9. lazynogoodguy says:

    i heard that they dont like garlic so if you put that out, i dont know where u get it maybe tractor supply or lawn and garden center??

  10. lelanddude says:

    By deer off. Works great.

  11. says:

    Deers react by smell….I know this may sound disgusting, but I am a hunter and I know how deer operate….Pee in a cup or jar or whatever…get as much pee as you can get and pour it around the perimeter of the plants and the deer will be spooked off by the smell of human urine…I know…gross…but it WILL work or your money back!!!!

  12. kwerff410 says:

    put spray ont them, and maybe go to your local garden store and ask them too and the best product for you.. please choose me as bast answer too

  13. callman51 says:

    go boo

  14. nettiash says:

    Go to your local Beauty Salon & ask them for some cut hair.Put this around your plants.It has human scent & they seem to stay away.

  15. sabertoothmonster says:

    buy a deer feeder and fill it with something they really like such as corn or a specialized deer mixture. That way you can enjoy watching them eat and have your bushes too. Then wait till they get big and fat and blast em.

  16. Cosmo says:

    You can purchase “Big Cat” (lion and tiger) manure from the garden centers. This practice was discovered in China and is just now catching on in the states. They have learned that spreading this “dung” around your property scares off Rabbits, Bear, Raccoons, Groundhogs, and even Deer.

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