How can I make deer stay out of my hostas? They Love Them?

Question by LYNN C: How can I make deer stay out of my hostas? They Love Them?

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Answer by wizjp
sprinkle them with red pepper.

It should work; and if not, at least they’ll enjoy the extra seasoning.

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  1. Julie says:

    yep. Deer think they’re yummy. There are sprays that repel deer and rabbits. They won’t hurt the plant. you can find them in garden centers with the pesticides.

  2. irish_trout says:

    Motion sensing sprinklers or fox urine which you can buy on-line, also deer find some plant odors offensive such as Marigolds. A nice border of these on the property may keep them out.

  3. Darryn L says:

    Try “Critter Ridder” at either Home Depot or Lowe’s.

  4. Ash c says:

    Ask home depot or lowes for a solution which repells bugs and snails

  5. Michael C says:

    This might sound a bit weird but my barber told me of a solution. He told me one time that people come into his shop to take some of the cut hair and use it to keep deer away from their yards. They put it in panty hose and hang it in inconspicuous places. The deer can smell the human scent and stay away.

  6. DR_NC says:

    Here is your solution. I use a mixture of water and eggs to keep deer away from my nursery. We grow hostas and azaleas – deer love hostas. I put a gallon of water in a sprayer and mix in one egg. I let it sit a few hours before spraying. It will not harm the plants or deer and believe me, they will stay away. The one drawback is you have to re-apply the mixture after a rain or if you have irrigation. I also spray the ground around my plants. I got this tip from a tree farm. It seems deer love to eat the tops of pine tree seedlings and the eggs keep them away.

  7. Tracy says:

    I have successfully used Blood Meal around my Hosta’s and other “deer salad” plants. I just sprinkle it around the area and the deer (and rabbits) avoid that area. Plus it fertilizes also!

  8. Jim K says:

    Great question—it’s a fact that deer just LOVE hostas! I’ve had an ongoing fight with them for 20 years and I think that I’ve tried every solution that the other answers mentioned—some like the hair are old wives tales that make for great reading but haven’t worked for me. The pepper and hot sauces will work, but are gone after a rain. The only solution I’ve found that works consistently is a product called “Liquid Fence”. You can find it at most nurseries and some home and garden stores. It smells like baby barf, but it works! It’s a little spendy—about $25 a quart however, you dilute it with water. Even at $25 it’s still less than buying new hostas. You apply it with a sprayer or watering can. You need to reapply every 5-6 weeks, but it will keep the deer away for the entire time—even after a rain. Give it a try, I think you’ll be pleased,

  9. gardenofeden7 says:

    Sprinkel human hair around them. Deer hate the smell of humans. You can ask your hair stylist to save hair cuttings for you. Good luck!

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