How can I keep Snails from Destroying My Hosta Plants??

Question by ole_lady_93: How can I keep Snails from Destroying My Hosta Plants??
I have Big Snails that eat my plants at night.

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Answer by norm
Get a pie tin & bury it so the lip is at ground level. Fill it almost full of beer.

The snails will come for the beer and drown. After three or four nights you will not have any more problems.

We had tons of snails in California and believe me this works.

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  1. Bannetty55 says:

    Get some salt and pour them over the snails that will kill them, when you put the salt on them they begin to melt and get bubbly, try it it really works!

  2. alphme says:

    I know this might sound silly, but put a little beer in a couple of caps or small lids and place them around your garden.I had the same problem and my mom gave me this hint. It gets rid of them.

  3. budkingofganj says:

    Kill them with snail/slug reppelent or if unavailable they are supposedly discouraged of getting near copper, so place that around your plants but don’t let it touch your plants as it may kill them, the beer technique also works

  4. bugsie says:

    There is a product that I can never spell correctly (Diatonasus Earth) sorry, It is brutal on slugs and snails. It isn’t toxic to any one you love, you sprinkle it around the base of the plants and as the slugs and snails cross it they cut themselves to ribbons.
    I have heard cookie sheets of beer work to drown them, and rock salt, but heaven help your plants.
    Try a garden center and ask for the D. earth that I cannot spell, I am sure it works!

  5. R J says:

    buy a bottle of “Deadline” It’s a thick liquid and you squirt a line around the plants that are getting eaten.

    Snails crawl through, snails die.

    These are the rules of Thunderdome…

  6. Ant says:

    Just wanted to add that I’ve heard the beer thing works, as well. If you don’t feel like seeing a bowl of dead snails floating in beer, and don’t want to use poison, a strip of copper around the plants will keep them away. Or you can use the snail killer “Sluggo”, which is safe for humans and pets.

  7. greatdaneaquaadvisor says:

    yes as we do with all snails…Take a metal tin food can and bury it halfway nearby filled with beer (reach for a Heinekin) but something even cheaper be yeast and some water mixed !Seems they also go for this, just use some starter dough.

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