How and when do you divide and replant hostas?

Question by Tracy: How and when do you divide and replant hostas?

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Answer by foolsewing1
Hostas are really reziliant and really can be replanted and split anytime. But the rule of thumb is in the spring. You dig up the root ball carefully to get it all and then literally tear it apart in sections and replant. If you can not replant them all in one day leave them in a small amount of water overnight in a safe place and you will be good to go for the next day.
Digging them up is the hard part, you have to dig around in a good size circle with a pitch fork and you will have success and more Hostas!!!

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  1. Ginny H says:

    Yes, hostas are very easy to divide and can be done in the spring, like the previous poster explained. As for how often it is done, depends entirely on how big you want each clump to get….you don’t HAVE TO divide them.

  2. meanolmaw says:

    try to get them before the leaves open up…. divide a clump however you want to… with the shovel, with aknife or trowel…. don’t matter…. just try not to break the new points above the soil surface….. leave several together in a clump so that there’s plenty leaves in the new bunch… don’t break them down to single plants, takes forever to get them pretty again if you do…. plant at the same soil level they were before and water them in well….

    if you have waited too long and they’re in leaf already, when you cut the clump apart, the leaves will be ‘flat’ on the cut side and the new clump will look a little ‘off’ until it gets more leaves…. no biggie, just how it goes…..

  3. debnettlenote says:

    oh Hosta’s what a great plant I was Minnesota last July and my sister in law has a beautiful yard I told her that I wanted to go shopping for Hostas and she said we could divide hers we spent a whole afternoon diggin in her yard I came home to Montana with over 30 plants I waited about two weeks to plant them(shipped them in wet newspaper in a box on the plane) well since I kind of planted them in the fall they didn’t look that great but in the spring they all came up in fact there was a couple of them with just a little bit of roots and they came up very well to-these plants are just very easy to grow and divide.

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