Hostas, planting question?

Question by inquiryminds: Hostas, planting question?
I have hostas in my flower beds. One is growing what looks like a new plant start… I’m wondering do I just clip it off and plant it or do I have to root it in water first? Searched the web and can’t find it.

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Answer by Hurley
Allow it to grow for now & develop some of its’ own roots before separating it. Then transplant it.,1785,HGTV_3610_1396591,00.html

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  1. Ginny H says:

    Take a small shovel and go straight down into the soil between the new small plant and the main clump to separate it. You need to get roots with it to transplant it properly.

  2. roses says:

    Hostas should be divided in the spring when the new leaves begin to emerge. If the new leaves don’t look like a single rosette, your hostas need to be divided.

    Lift the entire clump of the hostas and shake off the loose soil until you can see the base of the foliage and the attached roots. Gently tease these roots apart with your hands. Very crowded plants may need to be cut apart. Be sure roots are attached to each division.

    Place plants in a prepared garden bed. Space them to touch when they mature to about the same size as the clump you divided.

    You should water the divided plants well while their young roots are being established.

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