Hostas not coming up yet?

Question by devilishblueyes: Hostas not coming up yet?
Last year I planted some hostas here in central Indiana around the beginning late summer of early fall. I also planted a number of other perennials around the house. Most of my other perennials are starting to protrude out of the ground, but I see no evidence that my hostas are coming up. Should my hostas be coming up by now or am I a little over anxious. I’m wondering if they were killed off during winter. Does anyone know when they start protruding out of the ground. I’ve heard they are very hardy, but they are on of the few perennials that hasn’t come up yet.

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Answer by Cheryl C
Mine are just now coming up, and im in Alabama.

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3 Responses to “Hostas not coming up yet?”

  1. sunset says:

    I think you are a bit anxious, they will come! Promise! Don’t you just love your garden?

  2. physics guy says:

    They will come up trust me. You can’t hardly kill the things. My wife loves em, but I think they’re weeds, lol. p.s. Ours haven’t come up yet in Ohio either. They’ll start protruding when the ground temp reaches around 60 degrees F.

  3. Lincoln6 says:

    Sunlit soil heats up faster than shaded soil so, be patient. If not, try using a whip when your neighbors are not looking.

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