Hosta question…?

Question by Jessica F: Hosta question…?
Say you are selling Hostas, and what if someone asked you about the differences between: expensive vs. cheap cultivars.

List three thoughts on this(what would you tell that person).

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Answer by ANGEL
The most expensive cultivars are more rare. There isn’t a large supply, so the price is higher than the others.

The newer cultivars are different in their appearance with newer markings or color variations. It’s exciting to be able to add to your collection a variety that’s remarkably different from all other Hostas.

More expensive cultivars have improved disease resistance or hold up better in hotter areas. There’s a huge demand for these cultivars, & people pay up for these qualities because they know it takes a lot of expense to develop them.

What do you think? Answer below…

4 Responses to “Hosta question…?”

  1. L B says:

    Its to do with propagation and disease tolerances. A cheap a cheeful var such as ‘Aureomaculata’ still looks good and at half the price of for example ‘Paxton’s orignal’. The question really is do you want the basic package or pay the extra, either way personally I don’t think it really matters buy what you want for your garden.

  2. Chicken in Black says:

    That the price difference can stem from the expensive being new cultivars, or slow growers that take longer to grow enough to divide for sale, or that the hosta isn’t a commonly seen cultivar and is more expensive due to rarity. Some are more costly because of their size, either very large or very small.

    Older cultivars might be more expensive because they are proven award winners with desirable traits that could impact price, such as zone tolerances or light requirements.

  3. fae272 says:

    All good answers but the truth is you pay for rarity. When a hybridizer develops a new variety, there is a limited amount of time before the labs get the plant. That limited amount of time makes the plant rare and in high demand, because nobody has it and the collectors want it. Once the labs mass produce it, the price drops. So, you pay the price for having the plant in your garden a year or two before anyone else does. It’s no different than any other ‘collector’ item.

  4. ambere_m says:

    “Take a flying leap you pretentious snob!” J/K

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