Hosta plants?

Question by fluffy the wonderdog: Hosta plants?
what are the most deer resistant varieties?
what varieties grow best for you?
i have several varieties and some are eaten by the deer and some are not, I am wondering if there are others with similar experiences.
I consider it deer candy also.
they don’t eat the large leaved ones as much as the smaller leaved ones at my location.
I have a a rotation schedule of deer controls that i use that is very successful but am getting ready to add several varieties and looking for input.

My deer repellants are:
coyote urine, blood meal, human hair, pepper spray, egg in water, dormant oil, fabric softener sheet flowers(my invention), moth balls. I designed a schedule that I use to rotate the various items according to the season. They rarely eat any of my landscaping that is treated, and trust me the deer are right there checking it out everyday.

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Answer by J. V
Frankly, there are none! Deer like Hosta the way rabbits like lettuce. Its a salad side dish! Hosta are excellent low maintenance plants if you don’t have deer. They all do well in shade gardens. Will come back every year and require next to no fertilizer to grow. My suggestion is to pick them for the physical attributes you like best and throw it in the ground and watch it grow and multiply year after year. You need to worry more about sub-dividing them than anything else as they will just about grow on top of one another. Very prolific plants!!

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3 Responses to “Hosta plants?”

  1. wanda says:

    i have close to 400 hosta on my property, but i don’t know of any deer resistant ones. sorry… good luck =)

  2. John R says:

    it is deer candy but then so are tulips. I have some deer shockers that attract by smell. shocks the deer when they go to smell them. if its a large area you may want to consider an electric fence and they make a spray you can use on the plants but you have to remember to respray after watering or rain ( i dint always remember). it works fairly well if done right. I’m thinking of getting one of the things that squirts water when movement is detected. Our town is full of deer so its a real problem

  3. blondie says:

    none, try putting soap shavings around plants,replace when wet.

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