Hosta plant problems?

Question by demarkation_line: Hosta plant problems?
I put in two new Hosta plants and they have done well but today I noticed that one of them has some small tear’s in a few of the leaves and a few brown areas. The base of the plant seems to have some white cobwebs where the plant meets the ground. I also noticed that my Calla Lily has the same cobwebs at the base.

Does anyone know what this is and how to treat it? This is only my second year growing them.

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Answer by Dajik
i’ve found some webs on some bushes i have..where the spiders make their webs the bushes start to die for some reason (mine are rhododendron) just check for webs and break them up..clearing up weeds and debris around the plants also helps to control insects

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  1. Robin C says:

    Deer, rabbits and bugs love hosta plants.

    Try spraying the plants with about four drips of dish soap, hot water and some peppermint extract. I’ve also used some garlic oil spray with good results. I’ve added some rotten egg spray to get the deer and rabbits away with good results, it just stinks to high heaven for the first day.

    It could also be a fungus problem. Go to your local garden center and describe the problem. They’ll know your area and be able to tell you the problem and give you a good remedy.

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