hosta plant is droopy?

Question by justsoyouknow: hosta plant is droopy?
i just transplanted a hosta plant – i divided up the plant into 8 parts and transplanted them into my new garden. 2 of them are looking awfully droopy – but the center of the 2 plants are bouncy and look like full of life. question:

do i cut the droopy leaves off?
do i let them be?
what do i do?
i transplanted them 2 days ago……i have no idea if that has any effect on what i am to do. just a little bit more info for you guys!

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Answer by B Anne
When you cut up the hosta you are bound to lose a few leaves. Don’t rush to cut them off. They may perk up. The roots will be ok and it will all look great in a few weeks.

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6 Responses to “hosta plant is droopy?”

  1. Vicki B says:

    They are just in a little shock…they should come out of it. If not you can cut the leaves off later, but doing that right now may shock them more. They’ll do that if the roots arre handled too much.

  2. rustskipper says:

    Hey Just So Yo…,

    Just let the droopy leaves be. Hosta’s do not like sun, so if you planted them in the sun, move them to a more shady area. Be sure to have moisture at the roots, but not too much. Watering will be 80% of your issues.

  3. plant man says:

    keep watered daily and spray a product wilt stop on leaves keeps the moisture in. ur hostas are in transplant shock. given time they may bounce back. wait and see if the leaves turn brown then cut off.

  4. wvu8819 says:

    I agree with all of the above answers 🙂

  5. clarge_00 says:

    Make sure they are watered and let them be. Hostas are pretty hardy plants so they should come back in a few days.

  6. debnettlenote says:

    I dont like any droopy plants when I am transplanting any thing, the plant looks like it is going into shock or I have done something wrong but I have found a great product (No I am no a sale person for Miracle grow) but when I find something that works I stick with it Try Miracle grow Quick Start this is in a green jug you dilute it with water when you are transplanting and the plants don’t fall down after you plant them it prevents them from going in to shock.I love it! To me this product also helps the plant grow better to and you know for what I spend on bedding plants 8.00 in worth it .Walmart and many other stores carry this product.

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