Hosta colors, shade or sun?

Question by jetero41: Hosta colors, shade or sun?
I know that some Hosta’s colors fade depending on amount of sun.
Is it too much sun or too little sun that makes them fade or go total green ?

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Answer by Helen
Hostas are shade loving plants and will loose the variegated colour of their leaves if exposed to too much sun.

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  1. rmbrruffian says:

    Hosta prefer dappled shade. Some are more sun tolerant than others, you will have to check the specific cultivar’s needs.

  2. SpiderLily says:

    No direct sun while preference is shade but not dark and you can easily make new plants from the mother plants roots by carefully dig around plant in spring and separate the roots then plant each as a new plant.

  3. steve j says:

    Hostas do best in the shade with a wet soil.

  4. Sword Lily says:

    Being that Hosta plants are shade lovers, too much sun is what will cause fading and burning on the leaves. Most varieties of Hosta are good with a couple of hours early morning or late afternon sun.
    Midday sun, esspecially in the hot summertime, is not a good idea. The blue varieties of Hosta are less tolerant of sun and are best grown in a shaded area. White and gold and yellow Hostas are better suited to partial sun.

    Courtesy of the Ohio State University Extension website:

    ” A few examples of sun tolerant hostas are Hosta plantaginea, ‘August Moon’, ‘Fragrant Bouquet’, ‘Guacamole’, ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’, and ‘Sum and Substance’. “

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