Frozen hostas Japanese Maples?

Question by bina64davis: Frozen hostas Japanese Maples?
My hosta’s were beautiful due to the 70 & 80 temps we had in the middle and end of March. However, the temps dropped back down to the 20’s and they all wilted and died. Do I need to trim the dead stuff off in order for them to come back, and better yet, WILL they come back? And my Japanese Maple leaf’s also turned dark. Will these also come back or will the tree be leafless this summer?

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Answer by jerry g
The Jap Maple will be fine but watch for insects in early spring. An application of a Dormant Oil or a Safer brand spray should be used ASAP. Use the dilution rate of the summer application for the Dormant Oil and follow manuf. directs for the Safer products.
Hosta looks at us and laughs. Feed me, water me, don’t feed me or water me, I am always going to be here. Do not fret. Starting from the outside remove any wilted or browned vegetation. Do this by hand. No matter what the color or problem is leave the center three to four inches alone. In June you can remove the damaged center sections. Good Luck.

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  1. thegubmint says:

    They’ll both be fine. The hosta might be a little smaller, and the maple might lose a small branch or two, but they’ll be OK.

    Anything that is black is dead, but they will sprout new leaves.

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