Flowers to Line Walk?

Question by randomidentification: Flowers to Line Walk?
I am located in Michigan and have a pretty large perennial garden full of hybrid daylilies, coneflowers, coreopsis, hosta, etc. In any case, I have a front walk. Our soil is very sandy and we often have problems getting grass to take but perennials seem to do fine. I am looks for some flowering plants under a foot tall that would work well in those beds. Color is unimportant.
My house is yellow, by the way. I already have two lovely hybrid daylilies next to the porch on my walk along with a light pink asiatic lily, four rhododendron (hot pink), a stella, three large hosta, and a flowering fruit tree in front.

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Answer by fluffernut

Iberis, Corsican viola, Aubretia, Alyssum (Basket of Gold- type), Cerastium (Snow in Summer), Nepeta faassenii, Callirhoe, small veronicas, Centrathus (no probably too tall), Saponaria ocymoides…….can you grow Helianthemum up there? I’m assuming thyme would freeze out???

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  1. Julie says:

    try annuals like zinnia or vinca. add some sphagnum peat to your sand. It will help it hold moisture better..

  2. jennifer k says:

    Have you considered hostas? They are so easy to maintain and look beautiful. We have them lining our walk. 🙂

  3. jerry g says:

    What a great problem to have! Maybe you would want to modify the soil to be more conducive to the conditions, however, I fully recognize that your snow removal will not help your soil situation.

    Color is always important. The color of your house front is critical to determining the plants to place in front of it. You want to highlight the flowers and have them highlight the fronting of your home (red against yellow, blue against white, etc.).

    There are many plants that are somewhat annual for your area, but, the can become perennial (saves money!). A Purple Palace outlined with Dusty Miller for example. Placed center walk it would work wonders and withstand the winter and beyond. Some Wax Begonia at the enter. At the door a tall but splendid display of Daisey (Rudebeckia).

    Modify the soil by adding Sphagnum moss and topsoil before planting. Replace the Begonia with Chrystan. in fall.
    You can leave the others alone. Prune in Late October and you need not replant, except for the entrance, again.

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