Does poison ivy oil soak into roots/bulbs?

Question by Thankful for so much: Does poison ivy oil soak into roots/bulbs?
My husband chemically killed off poison ivy around iris & hostas. I don’t want to touch them till they die off this fall, I am SERIOUSLY allergic (like 3 shots, 3 prescriptions within a month this past spring).
Will the oil soak through the leaves to the roots? When they are totally dead, I want to dig up the hosta roots & iris bulb/root to move them and put new topsoil over spot the ivy was so I don’t get it again.

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Answer by Mr. Mole
Please keep well away from thee infected area, whether the plant is dead or not. Nobody knows for how long after the plant has been dealt with, it will continue to be effective. As far as your Hosta and other roots and bulbs are concerned, no, the ivy will not have affected them whatsoever. The poison is contained in the plant itself and is only used as a defensive mechanism, much like the Nettle really. If at all possible it might be better for you, if you could find someone less alergic, to deal with the bulbs in the area, meantime I hope you are better now. .

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