Do you like these names for twin girls?

Question by Issy (Prego with twins!): Do you like these names for twin girls?
Im pregnant with twin girls and still having a tough time w/ names! Help! Do you like this combo? White=last name.

Saturday Hosta Chausettes White
Maybelle Vampress Dozer White

Do you like that combo?

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Answer by Danni Avery
Not particularly, sorry. They sound like ancient vampires or something.

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21 Responses to “Do you like these names for twin girls?”

  1. Lauren says:

    Everything about those names is awful.

  2. sexymama1019 says:

    No sorry but I really dont like those names. Maybelle is ok but the rest are not good.

  3. twilightfan_2727 says:

    i like the maybelle one its very pretty! do that one do that one!!! 🙂

  4. Anna21 says:

    you’re kidding, right? well, it’s interesting i suppose.

  5. cupcake :P says:


    Saturday Hosta Chausettes White=hideous
    Maybelle Vampress Dozer White= maybeline, vampire, dozen white? no thanks

    i know you’re kidding

  6. Cecilia says:

    I hope you are kidding.
    1. Saturday is a day of the week, not some poor child’s name
    2 Hosta? Sounds like ‘i will be your host for tonight
    3. Maybelle is a cows name
    4. Vampress? YEah right, she is not a vampire
    5. Dozer is just plain stupid

  7. Destinesia~ says:

    Maybelle could be nice and classy, but Saturday? You don’t want to name your kid after a day of the week. Also, Vampress is kinda creepy, and usually something that a creepy goth girl would refer to herself as.

    I’d try looking at a baby name site.

  8. One Day says:

    I dont like either……sorry : /

    But if you like them then go for it

  9. Kembek says:

    The first one sounds like the name of a plant. The second one sounds like the name of some sort of cosmetic.

  10. cherrie022 says:

    It’s kinda a mouthful. The poor kids will have to learn to write that name too. I think they’re kinda strange, and the girls will have to live with them. Hey, it’s your choice though..

  11. Ali says:

    I love those names! They are very unique! ^^
    Go with what you like, not the opinion of others..

  12. loulou says:

    The only nice thing about those names are the surname! Surely you should be in the Jokes and Riddle section!

  13. Beccuh; Expecting A Baby Girl :) says:

    Mmm. I don’t like either. Sorry.

  14. trixxie88o7 says:

    Sorry but not really. Those names are going to be very easy for kids to pick on and tease. Just a little too out there for my taste. Maybelle isn’t too strange, I just don’t particularly like it. Saturday, Vampress, Dozer, Hosta, and Chausettes, are all a little odd.

    You should definitely pick names you love, but also consider that this is your kids name for the rest of their lives! It would be so sad to name them something and later have them come to hate their name when they get picked on for it 🙁

    I just named my little girl (found out it was a girl last friday), Leah Jayden.

  15. V says:

    Not really. Some names that fit w/ White: Chloe, Taylor, Daniella, Katlynn, Melanie, Sara, Elizabeth and Hannah.

  16. V X says:

    “Chaussettes” means “socks” in French.

    But in any case, this question must be a joke.

  17. Eva X says:

    u expect me to believe ur naming ur kids this?

  18. Belanna Janeway says:

    Those names are not very nice.
    Chausettes…that means ‘socks’ in French!
    I hope you didn’t think I was being rude. I was only being honest.

    I take it that you like unique, fun, and creative names.

    I’d like to suggest:

    Samedi – That means ‘Saturday’ in French. However, I’d pronounce it ‘suh-may-dee’. The actual French pronunciation is ‘sam-dee’.

    I guess Hosta is an okay name. But I totally wouldn’t go with Chausettes. How about L’Eclair or Leclair’? Yeah, it’s a French pastry but it’s better than French socks.

    As for the second one, I really think Maybelle cute so I’d keep it. As for Vampress, yeesh, I don’t know. If you’re into vampires, I’d use female vampire characters in place of ‘Vampress’:

    Rachel – A Vampire’s Kiss.
    Lucy Westenra – Bram Stoker’s Dracula
    Star – The Lost Boys
    Countess – Once Bitten
    Akasha – Queen of the Damned
    Mirian – The Hunger
    Selene – Underworld
    Darla – Buffy the Vampire Slayer the TV show
    Drucilla – Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show

    I don’t know where Dozer is coming from. But I guess it’s not as bad as ‘Vampress’.

    So I guess my suggestion narrows it down to:

    Samedi Hosta Leclair White
    Maybelle Drucilla Dozer White

  19. ♥TiTi♥ says:

    NO those are BAD VAMPIRE-LIKE names

  20. care-ree =) says:

    i don’t really like the combinations. maybe you’ll like maybelle kendra white or charlotte anabelle white.

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