Do you like the name Mayla for a baby girl?

Question by Chari: Do you like the name Mayla for a baby girl?
I’m pregnant with a girl!

My top two names are…

Mayla Quincey
Yazmin Hosta

Which one do you like best?

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Answer by mom2two
I like Yazmin

What do you think? Answer below…

18 Responses to “Do you like the name Mayla for a baby girl?”

  1. MsStarr says:

    Mayla Quincey is really cute!!! Quincey is very unique for a girl.

  2. Lunar says:

    I love the name Mayla on its own. I think Quincey ruins it. Or even Mayla Yazmin. Thats even prettier.

  3. sonia :) says:

    i love the name Mayla(:
    ohh, and the name Yazmin i think that they are both

    i cant really choose between the two but if i have to
    i think id be leaning more toward Mayla Quincey.
    my cousin’s middle name is Quincey btw. her name is
    Elianna Quincey.

  4. deep sea says:

    to be honest with u i don’t like these names but i don’t want to offend u,yazmin is lil better.
    good luck+congrats.

  5. Megan says:

    I don’t like the middle names.

    Mayla sounds cute and unique but I’d pick a more feminine sounding name for the middle name or maybe shorten it too Mayla Quinn.

  6. ♥Love My Life♥ says:

    Mayla, but I prefer Myla

  7. Paigerooski says:

    I like Mayla quincey!
    Yazmin is cute, but not a fan of Hosta

  8. La Fille says:

    forced sterilization. imagine a doctor or lawyer named Yazmin or Mayla. “Hi, I’m Dr. Yazmin…” SERIOUSLY? Name her a REAL name. Yazmin or Mayla will turn out to be a 5 dollar hooker with 17 bastard kids living off welfare and casseroles from the neighbors in the trailer park.

  9. kbrent12 says:

    I love the name Mayla, it’s unique yet not too foreign-sounding. I like Quincey a lot too, but I do prefer the spelling Quincy. You don’t have to worry about it being too masculine without the e because it is a middle name.

    I don’t care for Yazmin Hosta at all. I don’t like either of the names.
    I would definitely go with Mayla Quincy/Quincey.

  10. Meg <3 Brewers Fan says:

    That’s a really pretty name, not too crazy about the middle name, but I love Mayla, it’s different.


  11. Tracey says:

    I much prefer Yazmin Hosta. People are going to constantly say “Kayla?” and you’ll have to say “No… Mayla”. Anyway, just my two cents. Yazmin is gorgeous!

  12. dudeguy says:

    i dont like niether ur daughter will probably hate u if u do

  13. Sarah A says:


  14. Mia- 38 weeks says:

    Eh… If I had to choose one it would be Mayla Quincey.


  15. kittysue2000 says:

    I’d do Mayla Yasmin

    Quincey reminds me of that old guy on the TV show, and Hosta is just odd, unless it’s a family name or has special meaning to you.

  16. jillian m says:

    Both are adorable, but I’d choose Mayla Quincey. I love both Mayla and Quincey. Unique and feminine. Lovely!

  17. susisays says:

    sorry NO!

  18. grammy says:

    I like Yazmin but not Hosta
    Mayla Quincey just does not do it for me
    I heard the name Juandelyn (Wan De Lyn) and thught it very pretty

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