do you have knowledge about Hosta’s?

Question by wize1: do you have knowledge about Hosta’s?
Do Hostas come up at different times? Last summer I feel in love with Hosta and bought several kinds….I live in zone 4 ans as of now only a few are coming up. I’m hoping the I did lose any!

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Answer by becca
My experience with host-as has been good. They are hardy and takes a lot to kill them. I live near a landscaper, who raises 20 different varieties and they all seem to appear at the same time. I will say they do not like sun all day; especially, if it is extremely hot.

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  1. Belize Missionary says:

    yes, they do. it depends on how much sun they receive, as well as which particular ones you have.

  2. Texas Cowboy says:

    I have about 100. They are in a well mulched area and come up reliably. Can’t say that I have lost any of them.

  3. Tammy S says:

    I live much further south of you, and love Hosta also. Mine begin sprouting up as soon as the soil warms, here end of March, early April. They continue growing most of the summer and I have to divide them every few years. I would give them a little more time to see how they are doing.

  4. fruitcakee50 says:

    I love my hostas! They come in so many different patterns. They need shade and just a litlle sun. the leaves will burn from to much sun. Give them time and they will come up.

  5. Ladyslipper says:

    Hi, I also live in zone 4, with all my hostas arriving at the same time, yet some of the same variety seem to have grown more than others. I have noticed some of them being eaten by I’m supposing beetles, so I just bought a product to take care of them. I have successfully thinned and replanted my hosta collection several times over. This is the first year I have mulched around them. They are a hardy, yet beautiful plant.
    I hope you enjoy yours as well!

  6. gardengallivant says:

    Hostas vary by cultivar. ‘Francee’ emerges an average of 32 days before those of ‘Frances Williams’. Usually hostas fail to emerge if they don’t get enough cold time for them to be properly dormant. Lack of enough time at low temperatures is thought to explain the poor performance of hostas in Zone 8 or warmer.

    H. ‘Francee’ and H. ‘Tokudama’ require a minimum of six weeks at 4C (39F) for 100% emergence
    Since most hostas are considered hardy to zone 3 you should have enough time spent cold without getting to cold.
    Some Early Emerging Hostas:
    H. montana ‘Aureomarginata’
    H. plantaginea and most fragrant flowered hostas
    H. lancifolia
    H. sieboldii, ‘Kabitan’
    H. yingeri, ‘Korean Snow’,‘Lakeside Looking Glass’
    H. venusta
    ‘Undulata’ and ‘Undulata Albomarginata’
    ‘Sum and Substance’ and sports
    ‘Piedmont Gold’ and sports
    ‘Guacamole’, ‘Fried Bananas’, Fried Green Tomatoes’
    ‘Blue Angel’
    ‘Big Boy’
    ‘Golden Tiara’ and sports
    ‘Shiny Penny’
    ‘Peedee Gold Flash’

  7. cocojo says:

    i have a hostas plant the only problem i have is slugs and snails kept eating it cos they love it so get some slug and snail killer or traps to stop them

  8. r k a S says:

    Hi there. I’m in zone 4 as well. The hosta’s are just poking up now through the garden, and yes, some are coming up faster than others. Different varieties do grow and bloom at different times.
    I have them planted in full shade, partial shade/sun and full sun and they are all doing very well. I know they are called a shade loving plant, but I it’s more that they will tolerate shade.
    Hosta’s can go in direct sun, especially in a zone 4 climate in here in Canada. Where you have to be careful are with the blue hostas. The blue ones have a wax that melts off in hot sun. They then look green once the wax is gone. Some hosta such as “Frances Williams” hate the sun and will get brown edges and look awful. Hostas also have higher water requirements if put in full sun. On the positive side, they will grow much larger in the sun. I have a “Elegans” which is 5′ across and enjoys the sun. It does loose some of it’s blue colour but it looks like an awesome dinosaur.
    Good luck!

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