Do Hostas come back after the winter?

Question by parsnipsalad: Do Hostas come back after the winter?
I have two hosta plants that I got this summer- they were huge and beautiful, now they’re yellow and dead- do they come back?

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Answer by Old Guy
Yes…hostas are a very hardy plant

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  1. Aunt Doobie says:

    Just like the worlds fair. They get bigger and better every year.

  2. Arlene says:

    Cut them back to the soil and they will pop back up in the Spring.

  3. Scott S says:


    Indeed, hostas will come back year after year. In fact, as long as they remain healthy, they’ll continue to thicken year after year, and will eventually need to be split – at which point you can plant extras in another location or give them away. If they’re yellow and droopy now, there’s no harm in cutting them back for the winter.

    Hope that helps!
    Scott S.

  4. rocky m says:

    Unless the winter is unusually cold, they will return in Spring. You may want to cover them with a nice winter blanket of mulch or a couple inches of dried leaves to help keep their roots from freezing?

  5. kerry_ann59 says:

    From my own personal experience you can not kill Hosta, I meant to transplant them one year dug them up did not get to getting back in the ground and they still came back.

  6. cmacjr23 says:

    Hostas are what is called a perennial, you plant them once and they come back every spring. Over the years they will multiply and become very dense, they will require splitting. I have a large bed of them in front of my house and they are in dire need of being thinned out. Very beautiful throughout the spring and summer though. You don’t need to cover them or anything for the winter, I’ve had them for 11 years and they just come back.

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