Do cats eat hostas and if they do eat them is it harmful for them?

Question by Kasi: Do cats eat hostas and if they do eat them is it harmful for them?
Hello, I have two indoor cats and I love hostas (they are planted all over my yard). I was considering potting one and bringing it into the house, however my cats always eat any house plant I buy. So, I was wondering if they would eat a hosta or leave it alone. And if they do eat hostas is there anything in them that would be harmful to my cats health?


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Answer by old cat lady
Check if hostas are in the lily family (certainly look like it in form and shape). ALL lillies are extremely toxic to cats.

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  1. Jack says:

    They are not poisonous to cats so planting one inside your home would be fine.
    Here is some tips on cat safe plants:

    Good luck!

  2. bell says:

    They are toxic to cats (and dogs, and horses too)

  3. Cebsme says:

    Best to phone up your vets office and ask them. Online you will see yes and no, you vet will hopefully know for sure.

  4. jen the red says:

    Wow. That’s not good that your cats are eating different kinds of plants…
    I wish I had my cat book with me…haha. They had a whole section on hostas…but I can’t recall if it was bad or good…

    Well, I can tell you that around 90% of all plants are toxic/poisonous to cats. Please double check every plant that you have in the house, and ask your veterinarian (or me & my trusty Cat Bible…haha) if these are safe to have in your home with your cats.

    I wouldn’t bring a hosta inside. I don’t remember for sure, but I believe that those are one of the bad ones. (I’ll check when I get home, and I’ll either edit this, or e-mail you!)
    Psh…I have fake plants, and my cats *still* eat them! Hah.
    Better safe than sorry, right?

    I’m so glad you’re keeping indoor cats. That’s very responsible of you. =)

    Sorry I’m not of much help at the moment…but I will be! hah. Best of luck until then!

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