Disappearing Hostas?

Question by jim b: Disappearing Hostas?
Is it normal for Hostas to look like they have a hole where the plant used to be? We planted new Hostas last year along with the rest of our new landscaping, and it looks like the middle of the Hostas have disappeared. Is this normal?

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Answer by papercutfaint
Think about this website.


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3 Responses to “Disappearing Hostas?”

  1. vivi-mac says:

    Maybe they`re not growing yet (I know mine haven`t started to send up shoots yet)

  2. byron101540 says:

    Got gophers?

  3. Scot-Rob says:

    i think i know what you mean and yes it is normal. when host leaves die down in winter the ground looks bare. when new shoots come up in spring they tend to form a ring around the edge of the hosta clump, making it look like the centre has disappeared, although in fact it hasn’t. let nature take its course and you will see that in a few months your hostas will be back bigger and stronger than last year. just keep them protected from slugs and snails and all will be well.

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