Could someone PLEASE just tell me, whats wrong with my name choices?

Question by Issy (Prego with twins!): Could someone PLEASE just tell me, whats wrong with my name choices?
I’ve selected beautiful names for my twin daughters…..and no one likes them….names like

and more……

why do you dislike them, if you do?

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Answer by luvtoread
Adelaide ~ German ~ Noble; Kind
Amelia ~ German ~ Work of the Lord
Annika ~ Czech ~ Very Beautiful
Aoife (ee-fah) ~ Gaelic ~ Joyful
Artemis ~ Greek ~ Gift of the Gods
Audrey ~ German ~ Noble Strength
Aurora ~ Latin ~ Dawn
Avalon ~ Latin ~ Island
Aveline ~ Old English ~ Bird

Belle ~ French ~ Beautiful
Bernadette ~ French ~ Bold as a Bear
Briar-Rose ~ English ~ Shrub of Roses

Caprice ~ Italian ~ Playful
Cassandra ~ Greek ~ Inflaming Men with Love
Cathleen ~ Irish ~ Pure
Clarice ~ Italian ~ Clear
Coco ~ Spanish ~ Coconut
Cosette ~ French ~ Victory of the People

Dahlia (doll-ya) ~ Scandinavian ~ from the Valley
Daphne ~ Greek ~ Laurel Tree
Delia ~ Latin ~ Daughter of the Sea
Diana~ Greek ~ Divine

Edie ~ Old English ~ Rich War
Eliza ~ Hebrew ~ Oath of God
Ella ~ Latin ~ Light
Elodie ~ French ~ Foreign Prosperity
Evangeline ~ Latin ~ Like an Angel

Felicity ~ Latin ~ Happiness
Fiona ~ Irish ~ Fair

Ginger ~ Latin ~ Pure
Grace ~ Latin ~ Grace of God

Honoria (on-OR-ee-a) ~ Latin ~ Honor

Isla ~ Scottish ~ Island
Isobel ~ Scottish ~ Consecrated to God
Isolde ~ Celtic ~ Beautiful
Ithaca ~ Greek ~ Cheerfully True

Jane ~ Hebrew ~ Gracious
Joanna ~ Hebrew ~ God is Gracious
Julia ~ Latin ~ Soft-haired
Juliet ~ French ~ Soft-haired

Leona ~ German ~ Brave as a Lioness
Libby ~ Hebrew ~ Oath to God
Liesel (lee-sel) ~ German ~ God is Boutiful
Lorelei ~ German ~ Alluring Song
Lottie ~ French ~ Little
Lydia ~ Greek ~ Maiden from Lydia

Marian ~ Old English ~ Graceful Star of the Sea
Maeve (mayv) ~ Irish ~ Joy
Matilda ~ German ~ Might
Mercedes ~ Spanish ~ Mercies
Michaela ~ Irish ~ Who is like God
Monica ~ Greek ~ Solitary

Nora ~ Irish ~ Honor

Odette ~ French ~ Little Wealthy One
Odilia ~ Anglo-Saxon ~ Little Wealthy One
Órla (oor-lah) ~ Irish ~ Golden Woman

Paige ~ English ~ Young Child
Phaedra (fay-drah) ~ Greek ~ Bright

Rosalie ~ French ~ Of the Rose
Rose ~ Latin ~ Unconcious Love

Samantha ~ Armaic ~ She Who Listens
Sophie ~ French ~ Wisdom
Soleil (soh-lay) ~ French ~ The Sun

Tabitha ~ Hebrew ~ Roe-Buck
Thérèse (ter-ez) ~ Greek ~ One Who Harvests
Twila ~ French ~ Twilight

Veronica ~ Latin ~ True Image
Veronique ~ French ~ True Image
Violet ~ English ~ Modesty

Aidan ~ Irish ~ Little Fire
Ambrose ~ Greek ~ Everlasting
Angus ~ Scottish ~ One Strength
Asher ~ Hebrew ~ Blessed; Happy
Atticus ~ Latin ~ From Athens

Ben ~ Hebrew ~ Son of my right hand/favorite son

Clint ~ Old English ~ Town on a Hill
Connor ~ Scottish ~ Knowledgeable
Constantine ~ Latin ~ Firm

Derrick ~ Old English ~ Ever Powerful Ruler
Dougray ~ Scottish ~ Protector of the King

Edmund ~ Old English ~ Blessed Protector
Emmet ~ German ~ Industrious
Ethan ~ Hebrew ~ Strong one
Ewan ~ Scottish ~ God is Gracious

Felix ~ Latin ~ Happy and Prosperous

Gavin ~ Welch ~ Little Hawk
Gideon ~ Hebrew ~ Tree Cutter

Henry ~ German ~ Master of the Home

Ian ~ Scottish ~ God is Gracious
Ignatius ~ Latin ~ Fiery One

John ~ Hebrew ~ God is Gracious
Jonas ~ Greek ~ Dove
Jude ~ Latin ~ Praise

Keefer ~ Irish ~ Noble; Gentle
Keenan ~ English ~ Smart
Kieran ~ Irish ~ Little Dark One

Leo ~ Latin ~ A Lion
Liam ~ Irish ~ Guardian
Lincoln ~ English ~ By the Water
Lorenzo ~ Italian ~ Laurel
Luke ~ Hebrew~ Of Lucania

Matthew ~ Hebrew ~ Gift of God
Max ~ German ~ Great
Milo ~ Old English ~ Soldier

Oliver ~ Latin ~ Olive Tree

Phineas ~ Hebrew ~ Serpent’s Mouth
Pierce ~ English ~ Rock

Quinn ~ Irish ~ The Fifth

Roscoe ~ English ~ Hearthland Of The Roe Deer

Sampson ~ Hebrew ~ Of the Sun
Seamus ~ Irish ~ Supplanter
Sean ~ Irish ~ God is Gracious
Sebastian ~ Greek ~ Revered
Simon ~ Hebrew ~ Obedient

Tavish ~ Scottish ~ A Twin
Tobias ~ Hebrew ~ The Lord is Good
Todd ~ Old English ~ Fox Hunter

Yannick ~ Breton ~ God is Gracious

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15 Responses to “Could someone PLEASE just tell me, whats wrong with my name choices?”

  1. kayleigh951 says:

    Nothing except that Lunesta is a night time sleep medicine.

    Please answer mine if you get the chance:;_ylt=Atz0VEU0rYE5i62M8spKaIzsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080929125311AAQLGFC

  2. hello says:

    Are you thinking of your children and their future when you are thinking of these names? Those are awful !

  3. Smoky says:

    Because you’re a troll and your “name choices” change at every new post you make.

  4. Poofypoof says:

    Fleece is a fabric
    Lunesta is a medication
    Opaque means you can’t see through it
    Ramification, Que and Yule….I don’t know how to explain those. They just aren’t names. They’re nouns.

    The others are far too comlicated to pronounce (except for Maple. that’s the only normalish one).

  5. AshlieRhey says:

    Hosta- reminds me of someone being taken hostage…
    sorry i dont like it

    Fleece- reminds me of a fleece blanket or something..
    sorry i dont like it.

    Odyssey- too olden times…
    sorry i dont like it

    Yule- reminds me of a mule
    sorry i dont like it

    Remification-sounds like a big business word.
    sorry i dont like it

    Que- is just plain weird

    Opaque-it sounds like we are chaing 2pac from numbers to letters…

    Maple-is very cute

    Chausettes- Reminds me of Massachusettes

    Degoutante- is weird
    Lunesta- the sleeping pill

  6. Rachel♥ says:

    Hosta Luego anyone? Que is a word in French. Odyssey is a name of a book. Fleece is a fabric. Yule is just ugly. Ramification, like are you serious? Maple syrup? Lunesta is sleep medication.

    You have got to be kidding. I like Natalie Claire and Leah Grace.*

  7. balladofapianist says:

    Hosta: It sounds like hostess, it’s not a name for a child, its not cute for a baby, nor will she be looked at as a dignified adult. Try Hannah

    Fleece: This is a fabric, not a name. Try Elise.

    Odyssey: Like Honda Odysey? This is a type of car, not a baby name. Try Odessa as a middle name. I really don’t like that one either but its similar.

    Yule: Better as a word and college name, not as a babies.

    Ramification: A word, not a name, certainly not a girls. Its very masculine if anything and sounds like a mathematic term.

    Que: It means what in spanish and sounds like Kay in english like Kay I’ll get right on that. Use Kaye or Kay as a middle name.

    Opaque: A word meaning unable to see through. Not a baby’s name.

    Maple: Getting better, a type of tree, not good as a name, sounds dated but it could work as a middle name.

    Chausettes: Unable to pronounce it, it will never be spelled or pronounced correctly, reminds me of the boys name Chester which is also hideous and will have her teasted.

    Degoutante: Can’t pronounce it, its invented, and looks ridiculous.

    Lunesta: Like the sleeping medication. Come on, this is a baby not a goverment project.

    You’re trying too hard, your names aren’t unique they’re over-the-top, ridiculous and to put it lightly, cruel to name a child. In my HONEST opinion

  8. Ray says:

    Please… Think about it.
    I’ll give comments for each one, because I don’t like any of them

    *Hosta – Reminds me of hostel
    *Fleece – As in sheep…? And sweatshirts
    *Odyssey – The spaceship name or whatever… No
    *Yule – A Christmas something
    *Ramification – Sounds like Ram and ratification mashed together… Not a name
    *Que – Like “what” in spanish? No!! Might as well name her Que Tal
    *Opaque – See through… That’s what it means
    *Maple – Eh. It’s okay, but like Maple tree
    *Chausettes – Sounds like Massachusetts
    *Degoutante – Did you throw Scrabble pieces up against a wall and choose the letter that were face up and mix them together to make a name…? Unpronouncable.
    *Lunesta – “Lunesta, helps you get a better nights sleep”. Do you really want to name your daughter after a sleeping pill? If you want to name her after medicine, might as well name her Dayquil, Tylenol, Claritin, or Adderol

  9. Andromache says:

    Not one of those words is suitable for a name, imo. Are you joking or are you actually being serious?

    If you are looking for something unique, there are plenty of name you could use:

    English words:

  10. Mimi says:

    AWFUL! Think of your child…when they get in school…

    Hosta- sounds like hostage
    Fleece- Blanket
    Yule- what?wiered! rule.
    Ramification- sounds like verification
    Que- means what in spanish
    Opaque- its like package in spanish ..something bulky
    Degoutante-dig out tante…that is what it sounds like.
    Lunesta-sleeping pill

  11. Casss says:

    I’ll tell you why.
    Hosta sounds like Hostile. Great thing to be associated with a sweet baby girl.
    Fleece is what keeps you warm on cold days.
    Odyssey is a ship.
    Yule is like a yule log.
    Ramification? WTF?
    Que- no clue how to pronounce this
    Opaque- means THICK. as in…stupid.
    Maple- syrup.
    Chausettes- the word for SOCKS in french.
    Degoutante- wtf?
    Lunesta- sleep meds.

  12. curiouslystrong42 says:

    How about you tell me why your “names” are pretty much entirely words? Granted, a couple are French, and I believe “degoutante” actually means “disgusting,” and “que” is Spanish, though it might be French too, I’m not sure, plus you also have a medication and a genus of plant in there, too.

    If your reason isn’t “I’m a troll,” then I’ll ask you why you won’t listen to a single piece of legitimate name advice anyone has given you and seem to continue flipping through the dictionary on your name quest rather than opening up a name book.

    To be honest, I’d like an answer from you, because part of me really thinks you’re a troll, but another part of me is convinced you’re just an idiot. You’re definitely one or the other, but which is it?

  13. jj says:

    Haha good joke.

  14. cekit says:

    What’s wrong with your names? They aren’ t names. Honestly, for your so called “names” you just string a bunch of random words strung together.

    Hosta – hasta luego.
    Fleece – sheep/fabric.
    Odyssey – a long voyage. The Odyssey by Homer.
    Yule – log.
    Ramification – noun. 1 a: branch , offshoot b: a branched structure
    2 a: the act or process of branching b: arrangement of branches (as on a plant)
    3: consequence , outgrowth
    Que – what in Spanish
    Opaque – adjective. 1: exhibiting opacity : blocking the passage of radiant energy and especially light
    2 a: hard to understand or explain b: obtuse , thickheaded
    Maple – tree. syrup.
    Chausettes – socks in French.
    Degoutante – disgusting in French.
    Lunesta – sleeping medicine.

    No one takes you seriously.

  15. anc63 says:

    I hope this is just the hormones talking. Why not go a book store and spend an hour looking at the name books, or search online. If you give your daughters these names they are likely to do you in when they become hormonal teens. Horrible doesn’t begin to describe these. Are you trying to make their lives miserable? Find names you can actually teach a 4 year old to print and spell!

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