care for hostas? specifically getting ready for cold?

Question by julie: care for hostas? specifically getting ready for cold?
i know we have a while till winter, but i am wondering how do i care for hostas before winter to insure they come back next year. i live in michigan zone 5b i think. do i need to cut them and put mulch over them? or just let them go? theses are my first perennial plants i LOVE them, and want them back next year. thanks so much for the tips!

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Answer by whizzz
Hostas are vey easy care–In the winter, mulch protects the site from repeated freezing and thawing. A winter mulch also protects newly planted hostas. Before spring’s new growth, remove the winter mulch along with leaf debris. There are so many varieties but my favorite is the late blooming scented hosta—-Hosta plantaginea
Height (2′) Spread (3′). This Hosta is grown mainly for its exceptionally large, pure white flowers that are highly fragrant. The gardenia-like fragrance combined with the shiny smooth textured soft green ovate leaves brings to mind the tropics.
Make sure you leave enough room between the plants as they spread out in size. Photos of the many varieties, the blue ones are awesome—

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  1. goofinoff says:

    Hostas are easy. I live in zone 5 and they come back and multiply every year, numerous spots around the yard, with no care, and I mean zip.

  2. thomasl says:

    they’re very easy to take care of and grow,make sure that they’re planted in the shade or sun for the particular variety that you’re growing,put two to three inches of mulch over them for the winter and they’ll come back next year.

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