can you plant hosta plants indoors?

Question by Maricela L: can you plant hosta plants indoors?

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Answer by ANGEL
Yes! Hosta can be grown indoors, near a curtained window. An east-facing window provides the perfect growing area for Hostas, where plants get morning sun and afternoon shade. In general, the blue-leafed hostas require shade, while the gold, yellow, and white-leafed hostas can tolerate more sun.
You don’t want to bake them, so avoid the sun in the hotest part of the day & be careful that their roots don’t dry out. “Hostas are considered shade-tolerant plants, but most do not thrive if grown in deep shade.”

Keep in mind that containers need to be large enough to promote good root growth. Use an equal amount of coarse sand, peat & loam for the soil so that the plant drains well but is able to hold enough moisture. Put stones or broken crockery in the bottom of the pot so it doesn’t get waterlogged.

After the plant has started to grow in the pot , & preferably in the spring, mix into the top layer of soil a small amount of slow release organic fertilizer.
You’ll have to repot to a larger size or trim the roots when it starts to get overgrown. Potting may change variegation patterns & cause leaves to be smaller, less round & more spear-shaped.,M1

Here’s some tips on growing Hosta:

There are many different species, each having quite different needs, depending on where it occurs naturally. Here’s just one species described in the Global Gardens site.
The Hosta plantaginea Group (also sieboldii Group) want to come up as soon as possible in spring and grow, grow, grow! They are easy to force and will grow indoors for a year or longer before needing a period of cold dormancy. They will continue to send up flushes of growth all spring and summer until flowering. Flowering time is late in the fall. Fertilize them all summer long, except when it is very hot. They need lots of water and will tolerate more light. Examples include ‘Invincible’, ‘Fragrant Bouquet’ and ‘Guacamole’.

Hosta varieties:

A nice combo:

Good luck! Hope this helps.

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  1. jt c says:

    Hostas grow in shady areas, so they can grow indoors with bright indirect light or limited direct sunlight.

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