Can I seperate a hosta?

Question by horvathwireless: Can I seperate a hosta?
I have a huge hosta that is taking up too much of space. I don’t want to kill it but would like to downsize it and put a piece of it in another area. It hasn’t come up yet this year. Can this be done?

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Answer by greengardengirl
you are in luck ! they love being divided.!I specialize in division, so this ,hopefully will be the answer that you will use for your division.Take a shovel,set it in the place where you are going to divide. I am not kidding,with all your might, jump down on the shovel,your are going to either have to do that or take a hand saw and slice through them.the shovel is easier.Trust me ,you cannot hurt them!!Out of one big hosta, I created a border 20 feet long,you should see it now!HINT; start by splitting right down the middle don’t worry about the leaves falling off, they will grow back focus on the roots.

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3 Responses to “Can I seperate a hosta?”

  1. coco says:

    Yes,they love being divided .It will no doubt have many bulbs,free plants! So enjoy.

  2. says:

    I would wait until it comes up then divide it

  3. greenfingers says:

    I am with greengardengirl. They are easy to divide.
    If like me you are not a good shot when it comes to the spade use an old bread knife (serrated) to chop through your clump. You could divide into several pieces not just the two. They will all grow quite happily.

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