Can I plant vegetables next to hosta plants?

Question by bunnymom: Can I plant vegetables next to hosta plants?
I have some hosta plants by the garage and there is a space at the end where I was removing a old rotten tree stump. Can I plant a cucumber or tomato plant there? It is in full sun and would be the perfect place if they can be planted next to the hostas…… there is prob 2-3 ft. before the next hosta.

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Answer by Donnajo
no problem as long as there is full sun

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  1. 18gibbs20 says:

    Sure. Just be careful not to dig up the Hosta when you harvest your cucumbers.

  2. dove says:

    yes you can..but you will have to look out for grubs which is something hosta’s do get a lot of…just look at the underside of the leaves or dig the ground close to the root and you will see…
    if you plant cucumber you have to make sure you stake it ok…
    tomato you spray regular with soapy water, to keep away the grubs..good luck..

  3. Cyd says:

    It sounds like a terrific spot for a tomato plant. I’m just wondering if the cucumbers might spread too far and get into your hostas. If they’re the bush type then go for it.

  4. crossstitchkelly says:

    I don’t see any reason why not. I have hostas all over the front yard, and I’ve planted different types of flowers around them without any problems with cross-pollenation. You really wouldn’t have to worry unless you were trying to plant two types of plants within the same species, like different types of heirloom tomato plants, that you might cross to create different varieties. The only thing you might want to watch out for is how far the tomatoes and cucumbers vine out, so they don’t choke out the hostas (staking them up will help).

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