Can I plant autumn joy sedum under a tree with hostas?

Question by mattysmom: Can I plant autumn joy sedum under a tree with hostas?

I live in Chicago and it will be about 50 today, but soon freezing-is it ok to plant?

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Answer by Woodie.
Hostas are best suited to a cool,shady environment.Sedum,(Which is great for butterflies),prefers an open sunny aspect.Sedum can be planted as you suggest,but is unlikely to thrive.

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  1. Rob E says:

    It depends on how much leaf cover your tree has, which will reduce the amount of light for your Sedums. I have Hostas and Sedums under selected trees, and my Autumn Joy is just finishing its flowering now, whereas the hostas have mainly died back. Having a mixture of plants thus extends the period of interest, as well as the effect that you’ll produce.

    The benefit of Sedums near to trees is that they are shallow rooted, and can manage with less moisture than plants such as Hostas – the tree roots will often take up most of the moisture, making it harder for some plants.

    My general rule of thumb is that if you get a few hours of sun, and some dappled shade then you’ll probably be fine. Sedum spectabile is easy to propagate and can be moved without too much disturbance, so it’s worth trying out, and then moving them if it doesn;t really work for you.

    It’s always worth incorporating some organic matter into the soil, to help with moisture retention near to trees, such as some garden compost, or well decayed animal manure. These also increase the nutrient level, benefitting the tree and your other plants.

    Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

  2. rmbrruffian says:

    Yes it is ok to plant today, HOWEVER the PLACE you are going to plant them is NOT ok. Autumn Joy sedum is a succulent. That means it is like cactus. They need FULL sun to grow. Like the hottest, driest spot in your garden. This link will give you planting and propagation info.

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