Can I move my hosta plants now?

Question by ~*~H*L*N~*~: Can I move my hosta plants now?
We bought a house last summer and the people who lived here before have lots of plants growing in very random places… I have several very large (during the summer) hosta plants growing under the bushes in front of the house and I would like to move them to flower beds beside the house. My mom told me that I should wait until fall to move them, but I’ve read otherwise… is it okay to move them and divide them now? Any tips would be helpful.

Also I have a Japanese Maple bush in front of my house and the larger it gets the more misshapen is becomes… how do I go about trimming it?

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Answer by Tom K
While many gardeners choose spring for time to move and divide plants, it can have a negative effect on the plants, especially in hotter climates. It’s preferable to divide hostas in the late summer and early fall, roughly 4 weeks before first frost. Hostas are fairly tough plants, though, and can be divided at any time during the growing season if you carefully replant, water, and mulch the divided clumps. Tamping down the soil around the root ball so that the plant can’t be easily dislodged will insure greater success.

Your Japanese Maple is a small tree, not a bush. Wait until Fall, after leaves have fallen, to prune or, perhaps, move. (see second link)

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3 Responses to “Can I move my hosta plants now?”

  1. Frank says:

    This link will give you the info you need

  2. M W says:

    If you wait until late fall, or very early spring you can “man-handle” them a bit more. They are tough plants and have very dense root balls.

    I would wait until the tops have almost died back for the winter. Dig up a big ball of dirt with the plant and turn it over. I use a curved tree saw to cut them up into 4 pieces. Then, plant the parts and in the spring, they will flourish.

    If you move them now, the tops may get damaged and once they have leaves this time of year, they don’t grow new ones.

  3. meanolmaw says:

    hostas like shade, that’s why they’re under the bushes… they’ll fry anywhere that there are flowers growing in the sunlight all day…. you should not move them if they have leaves already…. move them only when they are just points coming up out of the ground, if you do it in spring… otherwise, wait until the leaves die down in fall before moving them… pay close attention to the water needs if moved in spring….. also in fall until cold weather…..

    leave the maple alone…. it’s ‘misshapen’ habit is the beauty of it…. it’s not supposed to be ‘shaped’ by a human, but by Nature only… the only time you’d cut anything off is if it is dead or totally outgrowing the overall shape, like a limb sticking out sideways…. pruning a Japanese maple is for experts, not newbies to gardening…..

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