Can I grow hosta in my house?

Question by 88888888: Can I grow hosta in my house?

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Answer by Tl G
Yes. Hosta’s are very hardy and grow very quickly.

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  1. Tray B says:

    yws..woth watering and minimal sun…but some sun is important

  2. therodentguy says:

    If you are asking can the hostas be grown as a house plant???? Then, No…. they need that dormant period, and actually need to rest, as they naturally would in the winter. There maybe some types that can make it with out that dormant time, but to get them growing good and robust, you will need to grow them in the ground.
    If grown inside they would eventually die. Areas of the US that do not have a cold weather season can not grow hostas, year to year. They would be like an annual in those areas.

  3. Craig C says:

    Yes you can, but i do not know how to care for them indoors.

  4. BobKat says:

    No, hostas cannot be grown indoors.
    They are an outdoor landscape plant for a reason: they need to go dormant in the winter and they cannot do that in a warm house. Unless of course you have room in your refrigerator to keep a huge hosta plant for 4 or 5 months…..

    Houseplants are typically tropical plants that tolerate low light.

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