Can I cut off Hosta’s off because of the heat?

Question by : Can I cut off Hosta’s off because of the heat?
because of th heat and dry cinditions they dried up and look awful

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Answer by Sexy Chica
if you give them a nice slow watering- they will perk up alot even if the leaves are dried up.

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  1. barbara m says:

    I’ve had to do that, they’ll come back next year. The best thing to do though is transplant them somewhere else in the garden, like under a tree where it’ll get more shade.

  2. Jim W. says:

    Hi Susan,

    Yes you sure can cut those hosta’s down. When ours have burned out due to too many heat waves in a row, we cut them right down to the ground, and they’ll come back before you know it. They’ll bloom again also.

  3. Old enough to know says:

    Hostas don’t like the sun, especially. If you will water them slowly and often they will begin to put out new leaves. Then you may cut off the dead foliage a little every few days. If you live in a hot dry area you need to move them to the shade. You shouldn’t have to do anything to them even if it is hot and dry if they are in the shade. If it is very dry you might have to water every week or two.

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